This pandemic, and other factors, has caused many to begin pondering a career change. Or at least, they'd like to start learning more about other possible options and/or develop new skill-sets. I think this is a wise move. Even before the pandemic, the traditional work-a-day world has changed. It's imperative to start thinking differently about the way we approach careers.

Many still choose the traditional college route--which is great. However, if you find yourself at a place where you can't feasibly do that, whether for financial or other reasons, you can at least start to acclimate yourself and learn more about other paths you may choose.

Here's a few ideas you may want to consider when it comes to getting more "experience" in a different field: 

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Consider a lower-paying side gig. I know the idea of this doesn't appeal to some. Yet, it's a great way to learn about a new field AND get paid--at least a little bit. A new job that requires you to build upon or learn a new skill-set can be helpful. And who knows what connections you could make?

Speaking of connections, consider volunteer positions. Many of us are engaged in our communities this way anyway. Why not choose something that can give you some valuable experience? Plus you're helping people, too.

Offer to be an intern--even as an adult. Traditionally, internships have been the realm of the young. But some businesses need help but can't afford to take on an employee right now. Use this as an opportunity to gain experience.

The internet. Oh my goodness, there's a crazy wealth of knowledge online. From Masterclass to Udemy to Skillshare, you can learn practically anything online. Not to mention YouTube! Take a break from those cat videos and delve into something educational.

Career services can be very helpful. These folks do this work everyday, and they will know about opportunities you may not have. Take an action step and go take a hour to see what may be available.

There's so much knowledge and opportunity in the world. We just have to look for it--and look for it differently. Good luck.

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