You know you’ve made it when people are willing to pay big bucks for your discarded toast. In the case of One Direction, Niall Horan’s nibbled-on fare earned a $100,000 bid on eBay.

The British boy band appeared the Australian morning show ‘Sunrise’ this week, and were asked to sample some Australian delights. Niall Horan took it upon himself to try a popular (yet polarizing) product called Vegemite, which was spread on a some plain white toast. The 18 year old took a hearty bite, but was clearly none too pleased.

A clip of the interview shows Niall’s face morphing from open-minded to disgusted. It was apparently so bad that he had to spit it out in a napkin. “Can clearly say vegemite is horrible!” Niall tweeted. “Like tryin new stuff though.”

The producers of the show then set out to make one man’s toast, another man’s treasure. The remaining piece of bread with Niall’s bite marks was put up for auction on eBay soon after, and according to Digital Spy, earned over 100 bids. The highest bid clocked in at $100,000 before the auction was prematurely taken down. Proceeds were set to be donated to Australian youth charity YoungCare.

Vegemite, a product made from yeast extract, is quite similar to England’s Marmite, so we’re surprised that young Niall, though Irish, had such an adverse reaction to it. However, it’s clear that the product won’t be appearing on any One Direction riders any time soon.

Watch Niall Horan From One Direction Try Vegemite

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