It looks like we might have found the reason for that stinky smell that assaults your nostrils every morning on your way to work. This has been a personal puzzle of mine, I am sure it has been for a lot of other people as well. What the heck is that smell?

According to KTBS, the smell is from illegal dumping in various areas around Shreveport.

"Somebody goes by and dumps a couple of old tires out. And then someone else says, well I'll dump my tires here too and then there's more tires. I've seen a piano, TVs, electronics, furniture. You name it." City councilman Michael Corbin told KTBS that the city wants to address the situation at hand but it will be to expensive to hire works to clean up the mess. Corbin does say, however, that his plan is to continue 'enforcing property standards and not having so many vacant lots.'

But what about the mess that is currently there? Will it continue to stink up Shreveport?


Read the full article from KTBS here.

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