Forget Baker Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns should have drafted this dolphin!

This is actually one of the coolest things you'll see. Luckily, the guy wasn't injured at all, which means we can look at this video with a smile as we watch pure awesomeness. In the now-viral footage, we see a paddleboarder doing his thing in the open ocean.

Think about it, this guy is out there, minding his own business, enjoying his day on the water. Paddleboarding, in my humble opinion, seems like a boring activity, but this instance is anything but.

As he was boarding along on his path, a group of dolphins were swimming right at him, and he had no clue. He found out, quickly, though.

As the group got near him, one linebacker-esque dolphin decided to jump out of the water and completely smoke him off his board.

He was uninjured, and even said that he things the dolphins were herding fish, and that he thought it did it on purpose, or should I say, porpoise.