March 03, 2011

Charlie Sheen reaches out to his ex-wife? What made Paula Abdul call the police crying? And who does Snooki want to be like? Find all this juicy gossip and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!

Charlie Sheen is denying everything Brooke Mueller said about him in her court papers the other day. Hours after Charlie Sheen's kids were taken by police Tuesday night, Charlie sat down with the “Today” show and publicly reached out to Brooke Mueller.

Paula Abdul went out for an afternoon drive with her boyfriend on Valentines Day… when an argument took a turn for the worst forcing Paula to call 911.

A new issue of "Rolling Stone" comes out tomorrow and there's an interview with Snooki where she admits that she doesn’t like watching herself be such a trainwreck on "Jersey Shore". Snooki knows that all the good stuff they put in the show is when they are all drunk and she is fine with that, but she has plans to make a real name for herself .

Snooki went on to say that she wants to be like Jessica Simpson with all her money from her brand.

Speaking of Jessica Simpson's brand, "People" magazine has a so-called "show insider" telling them that Jessica Simpson is one of the frontrunners to be a judge on Simon Cowell’s "X Factor".

It must be nice to take your new girlfriend to Mexico for an overnight trip. Sean Penn booked a private jet and whisked Scarlett Johansson away to Cabo San Lucas for the night on Tuesday. The 2 were photographed having dinner together, then they spent the night and left early the next morning so Scarlett could make her call time for her film, We Bought a Zoo. The pair enjoyed lobster and margaritas!