In a world where negativity rules the news cycle, it's nice to share some news that's worth celebrating.

Let's face it, the sad truth is that if this news was in reverse, a lot more people would be interested in this story. Still, I believe good news should always be celebrated, especially when it comes to our home state, a state generally burdened with bad news.

This week, results from a 2020 study from Tobacco-Free Living were released, and it shows great news for Louisiana. The report shows that of all adults in Louisiana, only 18% are active smokers. That number is nicely lower than the results from the same report from 2019, which had 22% of Louisiana adults as smokers.

TFL director Dr. Earl Benjamin Robinson says, "We are encouraged by what we see and we are doing a bit more work to understand and conceptualize that drop. We have done a considerable amount of community education and advocacy in communities around the state to help ensure that citizens know about what the exposure of second-hand smoke can do."

The really cool news to come from the report is that the percentage represents a new all-time low in Louisiana. People around our state are putting down the cigarettes, and that's worth celebrating. Of course, there's about a million other things in Louisiana that can kill us, but it's always good to take one of those things out of the equation.

Good job Louisiana!

Louisianans interested in quitting tobacco can visit or call 1-800-Quit-Now

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