There is a special bond between pets and their owners. It is a bond formed by unconditional love. Pets never seem to have a bad day and when we humans have a bad day our pets are usually there to make it better.

For some humans, their pet is truly their closest family member. One Louisiana lawmaker wants to make it possible for those that are that close with their pets to spend eternity with them.

Metarie Senator Conrad Appel says he was approached by a veterinarian who brought up the topic of allowing humans to be buried with their animal friends. Currently animal burial in a human cemetery is not allowed by Louisiana law.

Appel explained his position on the subject and his reasons for bringing the idea to legislature for consideration.

That’s the goal of that is just to make it an option and it would be in separately designated sections of cemeteries, it’s not to be intermixed with the normal burial areas.

Appel's remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

He went on to explain that he has a close connection with pets of his own. He says the idea of being buried with a pet is already accepted in several states.

If you had the cremated remains of a dog, let’s say, and you wanted to be buried with it, then you could be but it would not be in the general area of the cemetery.

Appel says he doesn't expect the legislature to bring this bill to the floor until some other legislative matters have been resolved but he is thinking that there could be consideration from other lawmakers in the next two to three weeks.

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