Forget about that post-club meal downtown, you'll have to go elsewhere.

We learned last week that Phoenix Underground would be closing their doors. After 10 years of riding the elevator to the hottest club under the ground, the doors shut for good. With that, came the closing of our favorite hot dog stand.

Mickey's HotDog Stand.

That's not to say you still can't get a delicious dog from Mickey at his Texas and Edwards location, but it does mean that you will no longer have the pleasure of stumbling to the stand and stuffing your face. Who cared if you go mustard on your new dress. This hot dog was, and will always, God's gift to Shreveport-Bossier partygoers. My first night at Phoenix ended with one of these babies. It's like initiation.

Mickey posted about the closing on his Facebook page.

He thanked everyone for 17 years and said he is looking forward to spending the weekends with his family. Not that we aren't his family or anything, but you get the point.