I'm sure everyone out there is well aware that OJ is all over Shreveport these days. Below is my list of places in town that you DON'T want to run into him.

Over the last few weeks, it seems like everyone and their mom has been posting pictures with OJ Simpson. He's been spotted at numerous popular restaurants and golf courses around town. As for why he's in Shreveport, that much isn't totally clear. The most common answer is that he is building a house in Southern Trace, although that has yet to be confirmed.

No matter the reason, OJ is spending a lot of time in our neck of the woods. Side question, if you were to come across The Juice, would you ask him for a picture?

Now, let's talk about the five places in town you do not want to run into OJ Simpson.



  • 5

    Murder-Mystery Party

    I enjoy a good ole murder-mystery party, but OJ is pretty much the king at this so if he's attending the party, he's a guaranteed lock to win.

  • 4

    Leather Gloves Section at Burlington

    Shopping for warmth ahead of a cold Shreveport winter? What happens when you reach for a pair of warm gloves and see a gigantic hand going for the same pair, only for you to look up and realize it's OJ? You get the hell out of there, that's what happens.

  • 3

    Cutlery Department at JCPenney

    Taking the spouse out to JC Penny for a little knife-shopping? Not today, because OJ is there as well and he just found the set he likes.

  • 2

    5-Yard Line at Independence Stadium

    Murder accusations aside, The Juice was no joke on the gridiron. I don't care if he's getting up there in age, you still wouldn't wanna see him coming right at you on the football field.

  • 1

    Bayou Axe Company

    Come on, you didn't think number one could be anything else, did you?

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