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Are you wondering exactly what a 'girl dinner' is? Don't worry, we'll explain and tell you how Louisiana's own chicken chain, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is rocking the viral TikTok trend!

What in the world is a 'girl dinner?'

The new TikTok-inspired #girldinner trend is described by Delish as an 'array of munchies presented as an actual meal. Think cheese and crackers, strawberries, pickles, cherry tomatoes, even sardines.' For me, it's easy to prepare food that you forage from the pantry when the partner and/or kids aren't around. Or in my case, what I do every night of the week. I didn't even know I was trendy before this. My go-to girl dinner consists of Sundried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins and sliced pepperoni with Colby jack cheese... it's kind of like redneck charcuterie.

How has Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen embraced the viral #GirlDinner TikTok trend?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has latched on to this viral trend and has literally added 'Girl Dinner' to their app and yes, you can order just sides. They haven't actually publicized this anywhere that I've been able to find, they kind of just left it there in their app for us to find. I don't know about you, but I call that genius level marketing. Now I'm craving their dang Cajun fries and biscuits. Guess I know what I'm eating for my #girldinner tonight. Check it out!

Be careful how many times you watch those #girldinner TikToks. If you're like me, you'll be singing "girl dinner' to yourself tonight, while you eat alone, again...

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