Time now for your laugh of the day. A California man kept wondering what in the world was happening to the packages on his apartment doorstep. Were they being taken by thieves? Were they not being delivered properly? Why were some packages in the bushes?

Well, thanks to some security camera footage, the culprit was caught in the act. It was your menacing, neighborhood squirrel according to abc13.com.

Oh yes, this particular squirrel liked to swipe the occasional package from the gentleman's doorstep. Was this a subscription to a walnut or pecan club? Maybe some kind of snack delivery service? Something attracted this furry thief to his pirate booty.

Luckily, in the case of the caught on camera act, a neighbor saw what happened, shooed away the squirrel and retrieved the stolen package and returned it to it's rightful place. No word if said squirrel will be charged with petty theft.

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