One of the most insane conversations took place after a friend of mine and I were watching a stand-up comedy. The comedian who many of us know and love Gary Owens covered Thanksgiving with his wife’s family. Gary Owens, a white man, often poked fun at his interracial marriage. Owens never sees anything as out of bounds and we love him for it. He talked about shocking all of his wife's family by asking for a slice of pumpkin pie. You have to watch the hilarious clip below.

I turned and looked at my neighbor and asked him if Gary Owens was speaking the truth my neighbor laughed and said no one in his family ate pumpkin pie. Wait, what?

He also added that “everyone knows sweet potato pie is way better than pumpkin pie.” I really wanted to figure out if I had been eating the wrong pie this whole time. If so many people swear pumpkin pie doesn’t come close to the goodness of Sweet Potato pie I want to know for myself.

I Decided to Do a Blind Taste Test On My Unsuspecting Co-Workers.

My friend Hillary helped me with this project so I couldn’t cheat. We cut up the pies into bite-size pieces and first, we served the pumpkin pie. All 13 of my coworkers ate it without commenting. Then we served the sweet potato pie. That’s when almost everyone started to say “oh this pie is way better than the first one”. Once it was time to vote all 13 of my test subjects claimed that the sweet potato pie was leaps and bounds better than the pumpkin pie.

if You’ve Been Eating Pumpkin Pie Your Whole Life, Shock Your Tastebuds and Make the Switch.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

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