There is no shortage of creativity in my home when it comes to cooking. I love to cook, I watched my mom be inventive in the kitchen and I can't help that I see my pantry and fridge as a challenge on "Chopped" real-life edition. I remember thinking that every kid had pizza burritos. I had no idea my mom was just that inventive in the kitchen. I'm still making some of the delicious recipes that she put together with simple ingredients she had in the fridge.

I have friends who will end up throwing away food that could have easily made a delicious meal. Luckily there is an app and a website that will take every single odd ingredient in your kitchen and help you make a delicious meal that you probably didn't know existed. asks you to list off everything you have that can be used in a recipe. Dairy, meat grains, spices, vegetables, condiments, seasonings, oils, and even sweeteners. You can add the oddest ingredients and have several delicious recipes instantly pop up.

If you want to avoid throwing away groceries while quarantined, check this website out.


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