RJ and Jay Paul Molinere, stars of History's hit TV show "Swamp People," will be hanging out at this year's Sportsman's Expo at the Shreveport Convention Center, July 19-21.

The Houma, Louisiana natives will be at Sportsman's Expo 2013 on the closing day of the show, July 21 from 12 to 4 p.m. Attendees will have the chance to meet and talk with the father-son hunting duo and maybe pick up some helpful hunting advice in the process.


 R.J. Molinere Bio

A Native American hunter with a fighter’s instinct, R.J. Molinere burst onto the scene two years ago and made a name for himself by catching some of the season’s biggest gators. Off the swamp, he’s a two-time world champion arm wrestler who channels the stress of hunting into his competitive drive. For the past few years, R.J. and his son Jay Paul have not been able to hunt near their home. This year, they were able to get their local tags back and, finally, R.J. is back on his own turf.







Jay Paul Molinere Bio

Jay Paul Molinere is R.J.’s son, best friend and right-hand sharpshooter.  This season, Jay Paul begins to assert his independence, putting extra pressure on his relationship with his father.