If you were walking down the street, and came across hopscotch on the sidewalk, would you give it a go?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but even if you said yes, chances are you wouldn't actually do it. This, according to science, or at least, some millennial version of science.

This is actually a fairly interesting study, one that I got totally wrong in predicting the outcome.

Basically, the YouTube channel "Dirty Data" drew hopscotch on the sidewalk of a busy street, then they waited. They wanted to see how many random people would actually step outside of their comfort zone and let it rip. They filmed this space for 10 hours straight.

During that time, 1,058 people walked by, within hopscotch reach. Out of that number, only 129 people gave it a try.

I thought at least most of the people would try it, so I was way off, but it was pretty obvious that everyone who went for it, had a blast.

Check it out!