From Burrito Brawls to Mudbugs Hockey, we've seen our fair share of monstrous fights in Shreveport-Bossier. Here's our ranking!

It's been quite a while, though, since Shreveport played home to a viral fight video. Job well done Shreveport-Bossier, let's continue to keep the fighting to a minimum. What are the biggest fights we've ever seen here in town, that also have video proof attached with them?

I've spent the week breaking down over 70 fight videos that come from Shreveport, and I've landed on my top five. Here we go!


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    Mother's Day Melee

    This video was shot using SPD body cams and features quite the street brawl on Mother's Day. The altercation and video led to one officer being charged a felony and a second officer with a misdemeanor charge.


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    Texas-Sized Fight on Texas Street

    When this video hit the internet, it EXPLODED. The fight features two women, who are clearly bitter enemies, duking it out in broad daylight on Texas Street.Due to privacy issues, you can see this full fight by clicking HERE.
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    Mudbugs Fights Count Too

    I decided to take what I consider to be the best three Mudbugs fights of all time and include them on one ranking. Nothing quite like a big brawl at a Mudbugs game!


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    Hot Dog Knockout

    This video is one of my favorite "fight" videos of all time. Partly because I know the man holding the hot dog in the video, and also know he's one of the nicest, most genuine guys you'll ever meet. In the footage, we see my friend taking a short break off of work at a bar downtown, only for his hot dog dinner to be ruined by a drunken idiot. Thinks don't bode well for the drunken idiot.


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    Superior Cookie Cake Fight

    The fight heard 'round the world... Or at least round the Ark-La-Tex. When my friends at the Crayfish published this fight video, it was literally all anyone was talking about for weeks. According to the Crayfish, it all started over a piece of cookie cake...

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