The Advocate, a Baton Rouge newspaper is reporting that telephone recordings have surfaced surrounding the allegations of sexual harassment that have been levied against former LSU football star Derrius Guice. In The Advocate report, it is suggested that a payment of $100,000 dollars was requested by a man claiming to be a representative of the alleged victim.

You can read the complete story by reporter Andrea Gallo in The Advocate here.

The story purports that Cleavon Williams claimed he was a friend of the Superdome security guard, Gloria Scott. It is alleged that Guice harassed Scott while she was working at the Superdome in 2017. Scott had reportedly contacted LSU about the incident saying that she wanted Guice suspended from the Citrus Bowl Game.

In a call made to LSU Athletic Administrators Williams identified himself as a New Orleans AAU basketball coach. It was during this phone call that Williams reportedly asked for the payment from LSU in lieu of Guice not being suspended from the Citrus Bowl. LSU officials were quick to question the monetary request.

One of the LSU officials, Miriam Segar even stated to Williams that his request seemed like blackmail. This according to The Advocate story. In fact, Gloria Scott says that a monetary request by Williams was made without her permission.

Previous reports suggested that Tigers' Coach Ed Orgeron placed a phone call to Scott about the allegations but according to Orgeron he has no recollection of such a conversation. By the way, Orgeron and other LSU Athletic officials are expected to testify before the Louisiana Legislature's Senate Select Committee on Women and Children later this week. From what we understand Coach Orgeron's testimony will take place in the form of a written statement.

It was reported that Gloria Scott, the security guard, asked the LSU Police Department to look into the allegations. However, that request was denied because the incident did not take place within their jurisdiction. Since the circumstances surrounding the allegations did not happen on campus or at an LSU event the University Police explained there was nothing they could do.

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