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As you might expect, that particular thread on the local Shreveport Reddit page exploded!

Let me be clear, I'm a fan of Shreveport. I like living in northwest Louisiana. But does it have room for improvement? YES!

Reddit user u/Dry-Cost-945 posed the question three days ago saying that they were collecting the information for a general consensus. They didn't say what they'd use the information for down the road, but if I were a mayoral candidate in Shreveport, I'd sit up and take notice of what people had to say.

As you may have guessed, the condition of our roads was mentioned multiple times as well as the general state of disrepair in and around our city. Oh, and you can't forget the crime! Let's take a look at some of the specific comments.

I really like the idea of street cleaners! If we already have one, we should use it... just saying.

Despite the language, this user brings up some good points.

I personally like what this user has to say about supporting our police.

This Reddit user is a breath of fresh air!

Here are two follow-up comments from the same user. I think they should run for office, whomever they are!

Ouch! This one is hard to read, but they're not wrong...

Once again, the reason I wanted to share these opinions isn't to rip Shreveport apart. This is home. We should WANT to make it better. But honestly, I'm not sure we know where to start, and when we do make moves, our efforts are plagued by political infighting and/or bad attitudes. What don't you like about Shreveport? Better yet, how do we fix the things you don't like?

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