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The list of official state "things," in Texas is almost as big as the state itself!  Sure, you probably know about the official Lone Star flag, state bird (Mockingbird), and flower (Bluebonnets) - but it goes much, much deeper than that.

Texas also has an official large mammal (the iconic Longhorn steer), sport (rodeo), dish (chili con carne), and tree (Pecan).  Now, a new resolution is looking to add the highest selling book of all time as yet another official state symbol: The Holy Bible.

The appropriate paperwork has been filed

The first step to bringing this idea to fruition has already been taken by the Republican representative from Brownwood, Texas - Glenn RogersAccording to Austin news station KXAN, Rogers filed his resolution to make the good book officially a part of the Lone Star State's heritage.

Making the Holy Bible an official may not be easy

While you'd be hard pressed to find a Texan that doesn't believe that the Bible should be placed on the highest pedestal the state has to offer, don't expect this to be a smooth process.  Similar proposals have failed in Bible-Belt states like Tennessee, Mississippi, and right here in Louisiana.  Back in 2014, Shreveport's own Rep. Thomas Carmody (the author of the resolution) pulled the bill before it reached a full vote.  He claimed that the fight to make the Bible Louisiana's official state book had become a "distraction" in contrast to ever bigger issues.

Why should Texas Make the Holy Bible its official book?

Honestly, the reasoning is pretty solid and it's firmly based in Texas' history.  According to the resolution (which you can read here), the Holy Bible was a source of “wisdom and inspiration” for early state leaders like Sam Houston and Davy Crocket.  Rep. Rogers also noted in the bill that 30 Texas governors have been sworn in on the very Bible that belonged to Texas first and only president - Sam Houston himself.

What's the next step?

No date was reported in regards to when the bill would head to the floor for an official vote, but it's a safe bet that it will be a fight to get it there.  According to Spectrum Local News, critics are already claiming that this is a clear violation of the separation of church and state.

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