Maybe next time don't hold the flaming plates directly under a sprinkler head.

For those unfamiliar with Greek food, there is a cheese dish called saganaki. This cheese dish is usually served to the customer just moments after it's lit on fire right in front of them. One restaurant in Baltimore completely screwed this up, and the results left not only the food, but also the customers soaking wet.

The restaurant staff decided it would be a good idea to light not one, but four of these suckers at once. They did so, and the patrons were pleased, at least momentarily.

Things quickly took a wet turn, once the staff held the burning plates up as high as they could, naturally right below a few sprinkler heads.

Almost immediately, fire retardant covered everything. The food, the waiters, the customers, the furniture.... Everything.

Fortunately, the customers really took it well, laughing during the whole ordeal,

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