Following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him, Riff Raff is now denying the claims and firing back in videos posted on Instagram. The Houston rapper shared his response to the allegations on Thursday (June 14), claiming he never once forced a woman to have sex with him.

In one of the videos, which features Riff Raff sitting next to entertainment lawyer Marc Lazo and director Sarah B. Downey, the rapper says, "Everything legal. Every single thing. Never once have I forced a girl to have sex. Never once have I forced a girl to do any type of drugs. I don't wanna have a girl drunk and sleepy."

According to the caption in Riff Raff's video, the footage appears to be from an upcoming film called Trial by Media, which according to the rapper is about "HOW FALSE ALLEGATiONS ARE THE NEW EASY WAVE FOR PEOPLE TO LiE AND QUiCKLY GET THEiR NAME iN THE MEDiA BY USiNG BLOOD THiRSTY COPY & PASTE LAZY JOURNALiST AT THE EXPENSE OF ACTUAL ARTiSTS, ATHLETES & HiGH PROFiLE EASY TARGET PARTY MOGULS."

In separate clip, Riff Raff continued to deny the allegations, saying, "Never once have I had to drag a girl to the car. Never once have I ever had to drag a girl to the hotel—up flights of steps to have sex with a dead starfish in my room. That is not happening!"

The White West rapper was first accused of rape on May 31, when an Australian woman Eliza Stafford claimed Riff Raff raped her following a 2013 concert. Stafford alleges that Riff Raff tricked her into drinking codeine and then took her to a hotel.

The allegations led to the "Supreme Shopping" rapper's Australian tour being cancelled and shortly after that, another woman named Kelsey Doucette said the rapper tried to force her to have sex with him. According to Doucette, the incident occurred on the rapper's tour bus in 2015 during a stop in Milwaukee for the Warped Tour.

Check out what Riff Raff had to say below.

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