If there's one thing we know in Louisiana, it's good food... Roadkill ain't on the list.

I'll be honest, this entire story is pretty gross to me so I'm currently cringing a little bit as I type this. This week, roadkill was spotted inside a cooler at a Winnsboro restaurant. According to The Louisiana Department of Wildlife, a local police officer was inside the restaurant, when he happened to look over and see a spotted fawn in a cooler at The Garden Hen.

Apparently, the spotted fawn was hit by a vehicle and killed on the road near the restaurant. The owner decided it would be a good idea to take the fawn, and clean it for later.

According to law enforcement, the owner then took to fawn home with him, and was apparently in the process of cleaning it when deputies arrived at his home.

The man was issued a citation, and inspectors did not find any more roadkill inside his restaurant.

For the full story, click HERE.

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