Growing up in Shreveport, one name has been synonymous with Shreveport-Bossier City nightlife. That name is Rockin' Rodeo, or Cowboys as some still call the country bar in Bossier City.

Rockin' Rodeo's successful 18-year run came to a crashing halt Sunday morning when they informed their staff that they would be closing immediately.

The reasoning for closing hasn't been officially announced yet, but the incident that left one Barksdale airman dead in a parking lot scuffle probably didn't help matters.

Still, 18 years on top is one heck of an accomplishment. I know we all have memories from Rockin' Rodeo and I'm very sad to their doors close. Rodeo was a pace-setter that oftentimes dictated how weekend nights would play out for the rest of the nightlife community.

With two nightlife staples closing so far in 2016, we certainly hope this trend doesn't continue. There are still many establishments in the ArkLaTex that would love to earn your business and give you and your friends the best experience based on what you enjoy.

Remember, support what you love!