For the most part, everyone has had or will have a room mate.  It's not always bad, lots of folks have great experiences with the non-romantic life partner they get saddled with to afford life.  When it is planned, and everyone has their own bedroom and job - the whole arrangement helps you afford to rent a place in the non-shooty part of town. Everybody loves that, but it doesn't always

The dark side usually comes in the form of a temporary inconvenience sleeping on your couch, but not always.  It can sometimes rear it's ugly head when rent (or some other responsibility) changes the dynamic between friends who decide to co-habitate. Regardless of how you get a room mate, on a long enough timeline everyone gets a bad one.

I have had several encounters with bad roommates over the years.  A few over-stayers, one never-payer, and one meth-chef.  It's all about picking up on the signs.  I suggest running a bit of reconnaissance with previous roommates and living situations first.

You can know a bad room mate by a few tell tale signs:

1.  Constantly late with their share of the rent/bills/etc.

2. Always eat your food in the fridge.

3. Steal your stuff.  IE clothes, cash, boyfriend / girlfriend.

We got into the subject on today's show:

In your experience, is it better to live alone or with a roomie?

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