Well, when you play stupid games with a lion, the lion might give you a stupid prize.

A rugby player has been in the news this week after missing a game for the craziest injury ever. Scott Baldwin is his name and clearly thinking is not his game. This guy literally stuck his hand on a lions head. Who does that??? Unless you truly hate your hand and never want to see it again, I can't think of any reason to literally place it on a lion's head.

Baldwin is a Welch rugby player and his team was down in Africa for a match. Before the game, they stopped at a bizarre zoo that actually allows you to pet lions. Of course, there's a fence in between you and the beast, but seriously who would stick their hand all the way inside??

Baldwin did and paid the price for it, although it could have (should have) been much worse.

Baldwin placed his hand on the lion's head, then a split-second later the lion had ferociously latched onto his limb. Luckily for the rugby player, the lion quickly let go and he only suffered minor injuries.

Baldwin did miss the match, and the injury report read "Out, bit by lion".

You have to see this!


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