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The world of medicine is a wild one.  For the past 24 years, medical marijuana and it's derivatives have been legal in at least one state in the United States (California did it in 1996).  Since then, many more states have legalized this previously forbidden plant for medical exploration.  One of the resulting treatments is CBD oil.

This oil contains none of the psychoactive components of marijuana (Tetrahydrocannabinols, more commonly referred to as THC), but reportedly contains compounds that work wonders on pain, anxiety, depression, and more.  Now, officials at the Warsaw Zoo in Poland want to see if CBD oil could produce these results on their pachyderms.

Sure, it might take a whole tanker of CBD oil to treat two particularly difficult elephants in their care - but they are willing to take a shot.  Fredzia and fellow female herd member Buba have been having difficulty adjusting to new life in the zoo's herd.  Ever since Erna (the former head of the herd) passed away, her best friend Fredzia has been depressed.  Since elephant herds need a leader, Fredzia has been trying a "tough trunk" mentality in order to establish dominance.  This hasn't been working well for Buba, who is also vying for the leadership role.

Since the two, wannabe leaders can't find common ground, they have not been getting along.  According to MSN Zoo keepers and animal psychologists want to try CBD oil on the pair in order to help them "relax."  Citing promising results on dogs and horses, officials hope that the treatment will help the pair get along and lower stress levels for the entire herd.

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