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When folks in Louisiana hunker down for cold weather, that's when the gumbo pots come out! Just don't forget the 14 essential rules of Southern cooking!

Thankfully, we're supposed to (finally) reach temperatures above freezing for the rest of the week and that means we can finally make a grocery run. Want to make people think you're a native of the South when they come over to eat? If you follow the rules of southern cooking, you'll be able to fool the most discerning Cajun! One of the biggest things we pride ourselves on in Louisiana is being able to throw down in the kitchen.

While we all make sure our families eat well, we tend to kick things up a notch when company comes a calling. We don't use mixes or instant anything. That's right, we skip the microwave and make everything from scratch. With that being said, there are certain things you'll never see happen in a Southern kitchen... like using anything other than cornmeal for your fish fry or setting your table without Tony's... That would be unheard of!

So, break out your cast iron skillet handed down over the generations and get ready for some soul-soothing goodness! Start scrolling, y'all, and let the feast of rules for proper Southern cooking begin:)

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