Josh Benson a Famous Christian TikToker, Fired Some Serious Allegations Against an Evangelist From Ruston, Louisiana.

Taylan Michael Seaman is a self-proclaimed "full-time Christian YouTuber" who has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and founded Revival Way Ministries. If you see his socials, Mr.Seaman is living a lavish life and that is why serious allegations have come forward.

Why did this evangelist from Ruston, Louisiana catch a TikTokers attention? Maybe it was the private jet, the luxury cars, or the exotic travel spots that Seaman and his wife normally visit. The point is TikToker Josh felt like something wasn't right so he posted a video that has gone viral. In the video TikToker Josh says he believes that Seaman is stealing money from his ministry and using it for personal gain.

TikToker Josh Claims That There Are Too Many Red Flags When It Comes to Revival Way Ministry.

The first thing he brought up was that Revival Way has no Tax ID number so obviously you can't have a bank account for that if you don't. TikToker Josh also pointed out that the Venmo and PayPal accounts for Revival Way Ministries are tied to Taylan.

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Evangelist Taylan Responded With a Cringe Worthy TikTok Video and Several People Are Asking Even More Questions.

In the video, Taylan claims that he has donated over $239,000 in tithing to his home church Faith Church Ruston in Ruston, Louisiana. He also claims that he paid for his brand new Mercedes G Wagon in cash with money from his 7 other businesses but didn't explain what the other businesses were. After Taylan's video was posted Faith Church in Ruston, LA and lead Pastor Stan Pody have come under fire as well. 

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If you do a little digging on Revival Way Ministries the About section on their website says "Evangelist Taylan birthed this ministry - Revival Way Ministries - in 2020. He began evangelizing in 2017, and has reached over 160 Million people with the Gospel. He has seen over 10's of thousands of people commit their lives to Jesus and feels called to SHAKE THE NATIONS!"

What is the real story? Have people in Ruston, Louisiana, and surrounding areas been conned into donating to support an evangelist and his lavish lifestyle?

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@joshbensontherapper Thank you to every anonymous source that provided information. Join me in praying that Faith Church will change course. God Bless. #christian #prosperitygospel #taylanmichael #rustonla #christiantiktok #ministry #jesseduplantis #kennethcopeland ♬ original sound - Josh Benson

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