Stick to sleighs, big man.

We now have definite proof of why Santa Claus rides in a magical sleigh, instead of modern forms of travel. Clearly the guy is just not used to riding around in boats, and doesn't really know how to handle it.

This video comes to us from South Africa. Of course, down there it is still summertime, but it is still the Holiday Season. In the clip, we see first responders making their way to a beach to deliver some goodies to the children. One of them was fully decked out as Santa Claus and stood on the front of the boat.

As it was time for Santa to hop off, his feet got tangled and he went down head-first. Miraculously, Santa was able to pop up very quickly, have a laugh, and show the kiddos that he was perfectly fine.

You have to see this!


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