Just when I was wondering if my investments in the scientific community were paying off comes this gem. Yes, noted scientists from Georgia Tech and the University of Tasmania have not only confirmed that wombats do poop in cubes, we now know why.

I would imagine that most of you thought as I did, why was it necessary to know this? Well, the study of the wombat's defecation situation could lead to a better understanding of the human digestive situation. Or maybe, when land gets too overcrowded the government will want us to start pooping in cubes so we can build low rent housing.

Animal Wire via YouTube
Animal Wire via YouTube


No, really understanding how the wombat's digestive system forms the cubes aid researchers in understanding better methods of treatment for colon cancer. Plus the wombat's ability to form cubes with its butt is actually kind of intriguing to engineers. Look, my kid went to Georgia Tech, they're all brilliant over there. Some of them so smart they can't remember to use an umbrella.

The study found that the wombat does not poop cubes because it has a square butthole. That was my guess, The cubes are formed in the animal's intestines and actually dried and shaped by contractions of those muscles.

By the way, the results of this study were reported in the magazine called Soft Matter. No, you can't make this......Up.

Some researchers believe the cube poop particles are used to mark territory. This may explain why the wombat tends to defecate in open areas, so the feces will be noticed by other creatures. This would be a darn nice trick to teach my dog who tends to poop exactly where I want to step but he manages to hide his "presents" a lot better than a wombat might.

So, now, you can go back to work. I've managed to help you kill a few minutes reading about wombats and why they crap in cubes. You're better off for knowing this, you really are.

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