Just how important is the #WhoDatNation to the New Orleans Saints? So important that head coach Sean Payton is throwing out the idea of putting tons of Saints fans in quarantine so that they can attend playoff games in the Superdome.

Check out the Twitter post from @MikeTriplett below

A bit of wishful and creative thinking from the Saints leader, but let's run with this idea for just a minute.

Are there members of the #WhoDatNation that would be willing to quarantine themselves in order to attend upcoming Saints' playoff games in the Superdome? Personally, I would lock myself in my room for two weeks if it meant I could be in the Superdome to support the boys as they make a Super Bowl run.

I know for a fact there are plenty of Saints fans that would do this as well, but how could an idea this crazy actually be pulled off???

Here is what you do - You turn the Mercedes Benz Superdome into fully functioning city. You must test negative for COVID-19 to enter and you can't leave until the Saints game is over. Open all of the concessions, bathrooms, suites, turn on the big screens and create a literal bubble inside of the Superdome for the #WhoDatNation.

Ok, so that is a bit far fetched... But myself along with many other Saints fans would be in for something along these lines if it meant we could help the boys get a win!

Although the Superdome won't be filled to the brim with screaming fans, I know the #WhoDatNation will be doing everything they can to help the New Orleans Saints win football games during the playoffs.

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