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Are you tired of standing on your tippy-toes in an effort to kiss your guy?  Sick of being the "little one," in your relationship?  Ladies, maybe it's time you got a shorty of your own.

Ash & Erie is a clothing company that makes clothes exclusively for the Napoleon-esque man.  Now they have developed a dating app just for efficiently-sized dudes, and the women who love a man they will never have to cry over.

According to the InsideHook, proponents of the "Short-King Revolution" point out that if you were to discount men under 5’9″ -  you would be overlooking guys like :

Donald Glover

2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Show
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Tom Holland

Tom Holland at Comic Con 2016
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

and Bruno Mars.

2018 Billboard Music Awards - Show
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Before you even think about cutting this idea down consider this:  Short King Dating co-founder Steven Mazur says “We want to make sure that shorter guys know that they do deserve the confidence that everybody else has.  They deserve to be super confident in who they are, regardless of height, regardless of anything else that’s really out of their control.”

While we tend to think of body shaming as a issue that females have to deal with, it's a much broader issue.  Perhaps this site can make things a little better for short kings.

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