Kip and Jennifer Cummings have some pretty big plans to help out kids in Northwest Louisiana.  To achieve these dreams, they are going to need a lot of hard work, dedication, and a prison.

Think about it: It's got plenty of sleeping quarters, a kitchen set up to cook for an army, and a pretty decent gym.  If the couple can get their hands on the former Forcht Wade Correctional Center and surrounding land - they plan on turning in to the bestest summer camp ever!  They want to teach team work and outdoor skills including gardening and chicken tending to lower-income kids starting next summer.

According to KTBS, the next step is to convince the Caddo Parish Commission to donate the facility and land that hasn't been in use since 2012.  That's when it closed due to budget cuts.

Hopefully, it all goes to plan.  If it is a success, the couple plan to launch full scale operations in the summer of 2019.