Things are getting better for crawfish lovers in the Shreveport area. Prices have dropped significantly over the past month.

We have been tracking the prices for several years and usually the price falls in April. But that didn't happen this year. We do have some good news now. Prices for mudbugs are now falling dramatically.

Just about every local spot has dropped the price by at least a dollar a pound for boiled crawfish and prices are down even more for live crawfish. Almost every local hot spot is selling boiled bugs for under $5 a pound and you can find live crawfish for somewhere between $2,50 a pound to about $3 dollars a pound.

Will Crawfish Prices Keep Falling?

Despite inflation and supply chain issues, we do expect the prices to keep falling between now and Memorial Day as the supply picks up. You will also find larger crawfish too. I expect the price of boiled crawfish to get close to $4 a pound in the next couple of weeks.

If you are worried about your diet, you can click here to check out the nutrition info about eating crawfish.

Remember, if you are planning to get a large amount, it is always best to call ahead and order them from your favorite spot.

How Much Are Crawfish in Shreveport?

Crawfish season is already here and folks have been snapping up the mudbugs. We checked on the prices for you.

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