According to KTBS, the 4 acre Shreveport Dog Park is scheduled to open in late March to early April.

Currently construction is half way done. Stephen Terese of the Shreveport Public Assembly & Recreation told KTBS that walking trails and the pond are built, but concrete entry ways and fencing are left to be installed.

"You're looking at almost 4 acres of this dog park, which includes a large dog side, a small dog side, a pond, a picnic area for people outside of the gates, pavilions trees and a quarter of a mile walking trail," Cynthia Keith, Shreveport Dog Park Alliance director told KTBS.

This is basically going to be a giant playground for pups. I have yet to find a nice place to take my dog that he will fill comfortable running out all of his energy. So this being made right here in Shreveport is so exciting to me.