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I saw this topic come up on Reddit and thought it could be fun. Do you have any 'hacks' when it comes to living in Shreveport? Think hidden gems, faster routes, secret menu items, and the like.

This fun idea comes to us thanks to Reddit user chrisplyon. Well played, sir!

elephant_fruit is right, in my humble opinion. Our area has several roads where the lights are timed to the speed limit. I've always thought the folks that took off like it was Daytona from every red light turning green were silly. It's not like they weren't going just to get stuck at the next light while I sailed right past! As for the chicken nuggets at Superior Grill, they are the bomb! You can get steak nuggets as well. Another one of my favorite secret menu items is the aptly named 'Happy Plate' at Nicky's Mexican Restaurant. You'll thank me later!

They're right! The R.W. Norton Art Gallery is definitely one of Shreveport's hidden gems!

Of course, several Reddit users said the best Shreveport 'hack' is to move far away. We didn't see that coming or anything. (insert sarcasm)

Amanda Currier
Amanda Currier

When I posted the same question on Facebook, I had to laugh. It didn't take long for Lacey Smiley Spruell to share her hack saying, 'You can save 15% percent or more on car repairs by switching to I-220 vs taking I-20.' Unfortunately, that statement is sad but true!

Donald Loper chimed in saying, 'Never drive the speed limit (60 mph) on I-49. If you do you’ll be rear-ended by someone going 85 mph or faster.' Once again, sad but true! The same goes for I-20 eastbound from the racetrack to the Haughton/Fillmore exit. Donald also points out that the Chicken Enchiladas De Mole entree is no longer on the menu at Trejo's Mexican Restaurant, but they'll still make it for you if you ask.

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