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In Louisiana, bragging rights are a pretty big deal.  Just look at the amount of festivals and capitols we have - pretty much every town in the state is the center of the universe in some regard.  When it comes to food, that doubly true.  We have the crawfish, rice, catfish, and jambalaya capitols of the world - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. My point is this: If you get named the "best" at anything edible in Louisiana, you've really accomplished something.

Recently, a delicious accolade was bestowed upon one of my hands-down favorite place to eat in Shreveport: Marilynn's Place.  This former gas station-turned restaurant cooks-up some of the most delectable dishes in the entire south, and it looks like someone has noticed.

According to the discerning folks at Only in Your State, our beloved Marilynn's Place has been named the absolute best place in all of Louisiana for Shrimp Creole.  That would be an honor in any coastal state that has access to fresh shrimp - but in Louisiana, that's extra big.  That's like the best brisket in Texas, or the crookedest politician in Washington D.C. - Cajun dishes like shrimp creole are one of the most defining traits of our state.  To be named the best in a state full of the best is a pretty big deal - and Marilynn's Place deserves every bit of that glory.

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