No matter what numbers and statistics say about violence in Shreveport, many residents feel like things are getting worse in the community. Especially when it comes to gun violence.

But maybe both can be true. Perhaps the gun violence is down compared to historic levels in the 1990s, but maybe where the gun violence is happening is what has changed. That is a scenario where both of the statements can be factual; less shootings, but in places they didn't used to happen.

Shreveport has witnessed multiple tragedies over the last few years where innocent bystanders have felt the wrath of these shootings. Multiple children in Shreveport have lost their lives when bullets from gunfights entered the buildings they were in. Multiple people have been shot while driving down the interstate over the last few years, with some surviving, while others tragically died. Shootings in Shreveport have impacted property of individuals and businesses as well.

The type of shootings in modern Shreveport are likely creating a different perception of violence, even if the numbers fall short of historic highs.

Stories like this fall into that category.

KSLA Meteorologist Austin Evans posted on Facebook a scary story of what he witnessed earlier this year. When an overnight shooting took place at his apartment complex, and the bullets from that shooting entered his residence, and struck his belongings.

Here's a bit of what Evans posted:

"...As some of you may remember, Caddo Parish Sheriff's Deputies responded to a shooting at an apartment complex just off North Market Street around 1:30 AM on Monday, March 20th, this was my apartment complex at the time. A man was shot twice in the parking lot and I truly hope he is doing okay.

During the incident, over a dozen shots were fired, two of which went through our living room window. My wife and I were asleep with 2 of our cats, Stupefy was in the living room at the time it happened and was not hurt.
Only a few of our belongings were damaged, thankfully nothing irreplaceable. One item that was damaged is pictured below. This is an album of our wedding pictures that we took in Peoria with some family members. My wife had only put this together late last year. My car was hit too, rendering it inoperable for about a month..."
Austin Evans via
Austin Evans via

It appears, based on the information Evans provided in his post, this was the shooting in the story.

One of the additional notes Evans added in the comments was about a Funko Pop! figure that he had in his home. The Funko was also struck by a bullet, and an image of that damage was posted onto Reddit...


Ana pop figure suffers an ironic accident
by u/CreativeThot69 in Overwatch

Honestly, its likely stories like this that are making the public in Shreveport feel like violence is getting worse. Even if violence in Bossier City is actually HIGHER than in Shreveport...the math checks out.

At the peak of violence in the 90s, it was isolated to gang violence, and a few zip codes. Now, with every story like this being shared on social media, it makes the violence feel closer and more intimate. With people, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, losing their lives while just sitting inside and not being involved in violent behaviors, the violence is no longer insulated.

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