Yesterday we tried out the brand new exercise class taking over the SBC called Fin Fitness... We became freaking Mermaids! I've never liked the traditional gym setting so I'm always looking for fun ways to workout and this class was just perfect. Honestly, after putting on those tails I completely forgot that I was exercising and had a blast.

Instructor Tristan McDonald told us "Fin fitness is a low impact cardio workout with an emphasis on core strength. Geared toward adult and children with intermediate to better swim skills." The best thing I noticed was that the class was perfect for anyone no matter age, swimming experience or how much you already exercise. You can even buy you own tail to take to class or use on your own for fun... But if you don't have one Tristan has plenty for you to use in class!

According to Tristan "They're looking to expand and share their Mermagic with all of Shreveport . Mermaids available for Birthday parties, events or private lessons."

For more details about Fin Fitness make sure to check them out on Facebook!

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