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This Saturday will be the biggest annual pride event in Shreveport, with ShrevePride's Q-Prom 2022.

The event is a theme "second chance" prom event. Its described as a multi-faceted event that is a " tribute and reliving of an important life event, prom, with no judgment this time." But at the same time, organizers add that it's not your typical dance, so expect some surprises along the way. 

ShrevePride says the event will be a multi-floor experience, with live entertainment, hors d'oeuvres prepared by local chefs, dancing, and of course those surprises we mentioned before. So make sure you bring some "dancing" shoes along with you, in case you wear some shoes that are obviously not made for dancing.

Photo Credit: ShrevePride
Photo Credit: ShrevePride

This year's event will be the first in-person Q-Prom since 2019, and it comes with a great theme to celebrate the return.

For this year's Q-Prom, the theme will be "Spice Up You Life"...which yes, means THE SPICE GIRLS. A full blown Spice Girls themed adult prom. 90s kids can already see images in their minds.

Now, we did say "adult prom", but this is not an 18-and-older event. It is open to those 16-and-older. But this is a ticketed event, so you will need to take care of that before you enjoy the evening. There are scholarship opportunities and volunteer opportunities as well, get more info on that here. 

The event is this Saturday, June 25th, from 6pm to 12am at The Supper Club in Shreveport. Again, this event is open to those 16-and-older, and you can get tickets right now, right here.

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