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If you live in the Shreveport-Bossier City area and you think that this summer has been hotter than normal, you're not far off. Let's take a look at Summer 2023 by the numbers.

Is this the hottest summer on record for Shreveport-Bossier City?

Yes! While last summer started off a lot hotter, Mother Nature has worked hard to make sure that Summer 2023 made up for lost ground. By August 31st last summer (2022), we had already sweated our way through a whopping 26 100° plus days... But that's only because we started having 100°+ days in June last year. Believe it or not, we've already surpassed that number and have added a few weather temperature records to boot! That brings a whole new meaning to the term hot girl summer, doesn't it? Plus, it doesn't help that we keep seeing the news that the entire planet experienced its hottest days ever in early July. In fact, some experts are saying that 2023 is the hottest year on record for planet Earth. Keep in mind, that it's only the dates we have 'on record.' We started keeping official weather records in the late 1800s.

Let's take a look at our hottest days so far by the numbers. Keep in mind that these are 'real' temperatures, not 'feels like' temps or the heat index. The data listed below comes from the Shreveport office of the National Weather Service.

Summer 2023
July 18, 2023: 100°
July 19, 2023: 101°
July 25, 2023: 100°
July 28, 2023: 100°
July 29, 2023: 101°
July 30, 2023: 105°
July 31, 2023: 101° (Previous record 105° in 1998)
August 1, 2023: 102°
August 2, 2023: 106°
August 3, 2023: 104°
August 4, 2023: 103°
August 5, 2023: 104°
August 6, 2023: 101°
August 9, 2023: 104°
August 10, 2023: 105°
August 11, 2023: 105° (Previous record 105° in 2015)
August 12, 2023: 105°
August 13, 2023: 106° (Previous record 105° in 1948)
August 14, 2023: 106° (Previous record 106° in 2011)
August 17, 2023: 105°
August 18, 2023: 109°
August 19, 2023: 109° (Previous record 108° in 2011)
August 20, 2023: 107°
August 21, 2023: 107° (Previous record 105° in 1881)
August 22, 2023: 107° (Previous record 104° in 2011)
August 23, 2023: 106° (Previous record 106° in 2011)
August 24, 2023: 109° (Previous record 103° in 1899)
August 25, 2023: 110° (Previous record 103° in 1881, this ties the all-time high temperature for any date in Shreveport. The record high temperature of 110° was first set on August 18, 1909.)
August 26, 2023: 110° (Previous record 105° in 2011)
August 27, 2023: 106° (Previous record 103° in 1963)

Summer 2022
June 17, 2022: 100°
June 21, 2022: 100°
June 22, 2022: 102°
June 23, 2022: 100°
June 24, 2022: 103°
June 25, 2022: 103°
June 26, 2022: 105°
July 7, 2022: 100°
July 8, 2022: 101°
July 9, 2022: 105°
July 11, 2022: 100°
July 12, 2022: 102°
July 13, 2022: 104°
July 17, 2022: 100°
July 18, 2022: 102°
July 19, 2022: 102°
July 20, 2022: 105°
July 25, 2022: 100°
July 26, 2022: 100°
July 27, 2022: 100°
July 28, 2022: 100°
July 29, 2022: 101°
August 3, 2022: 100°
August 8, 2022: 100°
August 15, 2022: 100°
August 16, 2022: 100°

That's 26 days above 100° for Shreveport-Bossier from June through August in 2022. We've had 30 100° plus days in Shreveport-Bossier City so far this Summer... with no end in sight. Sure, we're seeing a short reprieve right now, but we're expecting triple-digit temperatures again soon after Labor Day.

The average temperature for the month of July in Shreveport is 94.3°. So yes, we are experiencing a hotter-than-normal summer. Our average temperature for the month of July was 96.6°.  That's a full 2° cooler than the same time last year. The average high was 98.5° for July 2022. If you're sitting here like me thinking that can't be right, let's move to August. The average high in our area for the month of August is 95.1°. Our average high temperature for this year in August? 104.2°! That's insane! The monthly average high temperature in August for last year was 93.9°. If this is what global warming looks like, I don't want to play!

According to the local branch of the National Weather Service, Shreveport only sees 'maximum temperatures exceeding 100 degrees about 6 days per year, exceeding 95 degrees about 32 days per year, and exceeding 90 degrees about 87 days per year. The highest temperature on record is 110 degrees F on August 18, 1909.' Well, we've sure blown all that out of the water again this year!

What are the top things you can do to beat the heat?

1. Stay Hydrated - The CDC recommends drinking anywhere from 16 - 32 ounces of cool water for every hour you spend in the heat.

2. Find Some Shade - Whether you find a tree or bring along an umbrella or a pop-up tent, shade makes a huge difference. Of course, a cabana boy fanning you with a large palm leaf would be good, too!

3. Take a Dip - Is there anything more refreshing than taking a swim during the summer? Whether it's a pool, lake, or even running through the sprinkler, it'll cool you down fast. Just make sure to wear sunscreen!

Woman feeling hot and trying to refresh in summertime heat

4. Try to Avoid Peak Heat - If you can schedule your activity for the morning before the full heat of the day or when the sun is finally going down, do it! And don't forget to make sure your ceiling fans are rotating counterclockwise.

5. Wet Towels - Keep damp towels in a cooler or even better, freeze paper towels and take them with you. When you get hot, apply these to your neck and wrists. You'll instantly feel much cooler. And if you can find it, try Florida Water. We used this during travel ball and it really works! A spray bottle filled with chilled water is nice, too!

6. Choose Lightweight, Light-Colored, Loose Fitting Clothing -  Trust me on this, darker colors get hotter faster and you certainly don't want to be caught wearing a wool blend in 90+ degree heat. Opt for breathable cotton fabrics that fit loosely and allow your body room to breathe and regulate its temperature.


7. Chill Your Lotions - You'll thank me for this one. There's nothing more soothing than smoothing on some nice cool sunscreen!

8. Wear a Hat - Don't wear just any hat though... I've found that a close-fitting baseball cap only makes me hotter. You want to find something with a wide enough brim that will protect your face, neck, and ears so you don't get a sunburn!

9. Pace Yourself - If you're working or playing outside in the heat and you're not used to it, make sure you limit your time outdoors. Later, as you become acclimated, you can increase your time in the heat.

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10. Take a Drive - Even if you don't have A/C in your vehicle, roll your windows down and enjoy the breeze!

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