It looks like we're way more into good times and letting them roll.

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and it's a day that is celebrated across the nation. Some of us like to put our love on display for all to see, while others will celebrate in a low-key way that is meant to be treasured between the two parties involved. I enjoy this holiday, although I don't go over-the-top with it. It does bring up some great memories of being in elementary school and wanting to receive a paper Valentine from that one special boy in the classroom who caught your eye.

Confession: I spent way too much time reading into the words "You're rad!"

That being said, it doesn't look like Shreveport is going all in on this day of love. In fact, Shreveport failed to make the list of the Best Places for Valentine's Day that WalletHub put out. Although they looked at things like florists per capita, a chance of rain in the forecast, the price of a meal, etc. I think it's a good indication that we've got bigger priorities.

We are in the middle of Mardi Gras season! We've got king cake to eat, balls to attend, and parades to catch beads at. Oh, we'll be celebrating love this season alright, just in a completely different way.

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