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Yesterday was a pretty frightening day for folks out on Shreveport's Cross Lake.  With wind gusts topping out at 20 mph, so say that conditions were choppy would be a pretty big understatement.  The sailing was even rougher for a some Shreveport Yacht Club Youth Camp members who took a few sailboats out for a spin during the windy weather.

According to a report from KTBS, several young sailors had to be rescued from the chilly waters after at least 2 sail boats capsized.  So far, no serious injuries have been reported and all of the children and instructors involved in the incident were rescued and are in good shape.  Reportedly, the worst of it was an instructor that caught a boom (the big arm that holds the sail) during the chaos, but was not hurt to the point that he needed medical attention.

Reportedly, the plan was to take the fleet full of sailing students through a part of the lake that was protected from the high winds, but a few drifted out into the stronger gusts and were flipped over.  To compound the issue, a motorboat that routinely escorts students during excursions like this in case of emergencies was out of gas - prompting the need for 2 rescue boats to be called in for the emergency.

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