This is one stinky situation.

Today, drivers and workers were left clueless and borderline aggravated by a smelly substance on North Market. After reading the story from our friends at KSLA, I still have no clue what in the world happened!

What we know at this point, is that early Wednesday morning, there was some type of stinky, slimey substance spread across all four lanes on North Market.

Employees at Valley Proteins were on site, cleaning the nastiness, so I'm guessing they were involved somehow.

That particular company harvests animal carcasses for use in their soap products. That would make sense considered one witness said the substance looked, "furry".

OMI finally got the mess cleaned up at around 1:00 PM this afternoon.

To read the full story, and see some pretty hilarious quotes on the situation by drivers directly affected, click HERE.


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