It's the most important meal of the day. We're blessed with amazing breakfast options in town... Here's the top five!

I love breakfast. I don't discriminate one bit when it comes to the breakfast menu. I will take down more eggs than you can imagine. I'll eat bacon until it hurts. I'll shove sausages down my throat until I can't breathe. I'll eat a stack of pancakes as high at the Regions Tower in downtown Shreveport.

If it's breakfast, then I'll take it and eat everything but the plate.

Today I wanted to list my top five go-to places in town for breakfast. If you feel I missed your favorite spot, let me know!



  • 1

    Strawn's Eat Shop

    I don't care what number comes after those three words... If it's a Strawn's Eat Shop, then count me in. It's awfully hard to find a better breakfast joint than the world-renowned Strawn's.

  • 2

    RJ's Restaurant

    Growing up on Mansfield Road in Shreveport, my family spend a lot of time at this locally owned restaurant. RJ's has stood the test of time and for good reason, their 24-hour menu is incredible and their breakfast is top-notch.

  • 3

    Another Broken Egg Cafe

    I'm a newcomer to the wonderfulness that is Another Broken Egg. I wen't there for the very first time about four years ago and fell in love. The restaurant is on line Avenue and it's a wonderful environment to eat a delicious breakfast meal.

  • 4

    Southern Maid Donuts

    Look, the bottom line is, some days you just want a donut in the morning. If that's all you want, and you don't go to Southern Maid to fill your donut-need, you might get ran out of town.

  • 5

    Sue's Country Kitchen

    For most of my adult-life, I have lived in North Bossier. During my time there, I have dined at Sue's Country Kitchen too many times to count. Their breakfast is unbelievably good, and their staff always goes above and beyond.

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