As a father of two little princesses, they will be thrilled to find out that castle's actually exist in Louisiana.

There are several castles scattered throughout our great state, and now I will show you what they look like and where you can find them.

Parents, you should start planning your castle road trip now!

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    Old State Capitol

    This beautiful castle sits, ofcourse, in our state capitol. Located on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, this castle is currently a museum for polital history.

    100 North Blvd
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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    Chateau de Bon Reve

    I certainly don't know how to pronounce this bad boy, but I don't have to pronounce it to stand in awe of it's beauty. This castle sits in Sulphur, and is currently an extremely popular wedding venue.

    1995 N Claiborne St. Sulphur, LA

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    Beauregard’s Castle

    This bad boy was built 1856 to protect the city of New Orleans from naval attacks. The base was actually never used, it became obsolete before they finished building it!

    If you want to visit this mini-castle, you'll need a boat and a lot of determination. Its off the coast of Shell Beach.

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    Little White Castle

    If any of you have taken the old familiar trip down I-10 East, you may have seen this castle already. It sits along the Irish bayou in New Orleans. It was built in 1981 in an attempt to attract tourists for the World's Fair. Unfortunately at the time, it fell into disrepair and never amounted to much. Now, new owners are restoring the little white castle and it's Facebook page is very active.

    3262 Ridgeway Blvd. New Orleans, LA

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    Louisiana Castle

    Truly a house fit for a king. In 1971, Dr. Mark Belcher fell in love with the idea of living in a castle. So what did he decide to do? Build one of course! Nearly 20 years later, his castle was finished. He lived in the dream home for nearly a decade and sold it in 1999. Guess the castle life wasn't right for him. Now, the castle is a very popular wedding venue.

    47168 LA-10, Franklinton, LA

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    Layton Castle

    This castle is truly magnificent. It was built over 200 years ago in 1814 as a silkworm plantation. Naturally, since then it has gone through countless renovations. Currently, it's being used as a massive, 60-room apartment complex in Monroe. It's also a popular wedding venue.

    1133 S Grand St. Monroe, Louisiana