Finally, a national debate I can get involved in.

Recently, Harvard produced a survey to find how many Americans say "Sneakers" as opposed to "Tennis Shoes".

The result was shocking, to me anyway, because I figured it would be absolutely lopsided. Honestly, I didn't even realize people still say "sneakers" at all. I thought that went out of style quite a while ago.

Boy, was I wrong.

Their study found that 45% of America still say "sneakers" while only 41% say "tennis shoes".

It's funny, though, because USA Today produced a map showing which part of the country says each word. Their map makes me think the entire survey was a scam, because only the very, very Northeast part of the country wen't with "sneakers" while the rest of the country says "tennis shoes". Unless, somehow, more people live in those 4 to 5 states than the rest of the country, this whole thing seems off after checking out the map.

Check out the full article by clicking HERE.