The old saying, "Money can't buy happiness," isn't exactly true.  While the overall message is important, science has found a way to turn money into bliss.  A recent study conducted by new professor at Harvard University asked 2,500 people if they paid others to take care of tasks and chores they found "tedious" and "unrewarding."  28% said yes, and these folks spent an average of $147.95 per month what is essentially personal time.

To further refine this data, researchers conducted a second survey of over 1,800 people that asked a more pointed question.  Do you buy "free time" with your hard earned money?  This time more than half answered with a resounding "yes."   The results of this survey varied slightly from the original, the respondents claimed to spend between $80 and $90 on services that take care of cleaning, yard work, shopping, etc.

You can see the full results here.  Basically, the report surmises that the more leisure time you can free up for your self, the happier you are in general.  These results remain constant across all income levels, so you don't have to get a butler to cheer up.  Any relief from these tasks will move you in the right direction.  I'm starting by giving a meager allowance to my 8-year old son to take out the trash and clean the litterbox.

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