NASA agent Joseph Gutheinz Jr is on an epic mission of Indiana Jones proportions.  Agent "J" is a Texas Lawyer and retired Federal agent, and since the 90's - he has helped NASA recover dozens of Moon rock samples collected during the various Apollo missions.  These rocks would be worth millions of dollars when sold to private collectors on the black market.  According to WHIO, he was once offered a huge chunk of the Moon that was given to the Honduran Government as a gift - for $5 million.  The operation was (of course) a sting, and the lunar present was returned to it's proper home.

J has a new target.  The legendary Golden Lander, that was until recently safely interred in the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio.  The museum celebrates the boyhood home of one Neil "First person on the Moon, and the kid that used to mow the cemetery for $1" Armstrong.  Some brazen thieves have stolen the extremely rare, solid-gold replica of the Apollo 11 lander that Buzz Aldrin used to conquer the face of the Moon.  World renowned jeweler Cartier presented the priceless 5-inch statuettes to Buzz and Michael Collins at a ceremony in Paris shortly after the moment in July of 1969 when man finally disproved the Moon/Swiss Cheese theory for good.

Agent J has leads, and will get his man - but he fears it might not happen soon enough. If the space criminals aren't found soon, the historical treasure might be melted down and sold for the sheer weight of the gold itself.

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