A number of LSU fans were more than a little surprised when the school announced its final rules for Tiger Stadium tailgating for the soon-to-begin football season.

And the reason for all the shock - and in some cases anger?

Well, because according to the LSU Athletic Department, when it comes to parking lot partying, there will be no checking for proof of vaccination, no mask mandates and no required social distancing. In other words, the complete opposite of what will be required when fans enter the stadium.

So, to sum up: Eating, drinking, cheering, etc., outdoors in the Tiger Stadium parking lot, no new COVID precautions. Eating, drinking, cheering, etc., outdoors in Tiger Stadium, lots of new COVID precautions.

In fact, LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward was practically bragging about the Covid-rules-free zone, when he told ESPN 104.5 in Baton Rouge that tailgating is back "and wide open."

And according to Southern Minn, Woodward went on to say, "This (Tiger Stadium vaccination) policy doesn't apply to tailgating and I want to make that clear. This is strictly for the entrance of the stadium."

And lots of Tigers fans are really confused.

Lots of them, in fact, on both side of the vaxx and mask mandate debate are more than a little PO'd, not understanding the seeming contradiction in different policies for spots teeming with fans just a short walk away from each other.

But the most vocal are, without a doubt, on the no vaxx card, no mask mandate side. And the feelings of so many were summed up in one social media post:

"So they just said that tailgating is allowed at LSU football games without masks or anything. But you must show a proof of vaccination or negative COVID test to get inside the stadium. Isn't science funny? You're not in danger until you step inside the stadium, then it's COVID city! And you wonder why so many people just laugh at this whole thing."

The Tigers open their 2021 home season against McNeese on Saturday, September 11.

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